William G. Parrott, IV

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Email: contact@williamparrott.com
Cell: 785.813.1039

Objective: Seeking a Front-End Developer position where I can apply my professional experience in development as well as continue to pursue my passion for learning.

  • Over ten years' professional experience developing web-based applications, including over three years' experience developing enterprise level applications
  • Strong emphasis on front-end development, including experience as the lead front-end developer for several high-profile projects
  • Two years' experience developing server-based enterprise applications responsible for processing large amounts of data
  • Experience creating applications in a variety of programming languages
  • Strong teamwork skills, both as a leader and team member
  • Passion for learning and applying new skills or techniques as appropriate for challenges presented by varied projects

Programming Languages

  • Areas of expertise: HTML/HTML5; CSS; JavaScript & AJAX; Java; PHP; SQL; Markdown
  • Areas of proficiency: ECMAScript 2015 (ES6); LESS; SASS; Scala; C++; ASP (VBScript); XML; XSLT
  • Other languages: Ruby; Racket/PLT Scheme; LaTeX

Software & Tools

  • Areas of expertise: Git; OSGi Framework (Felix); Node.js & NPM; MySQL; Oracle; Microsoft Windows; Mac OS X
  • Areas of proficiency: Jekyll; ExpressJS; Backbone.js; Handlebars; Maven; Apache web server; Nginx web server; Continuous integration (Jenkins and Travis CI); Vagrant; WordPress; Drupal; Linux/UNIX-based operating systems; CVS; SVN; Microsoft Access; Shibboleth and LDAP
  • Other experience: Symfony PHP framework

Skills & Certifications

  • Areas of expertise: Web application development; API design and development; responsive web design; unit, integration, and system testing; database-driven application development; Agile development process (Kanban); W3C standards for (X)HTML & CSS; Section 508 Web Accessibility Guidelines
  • Areas of proficiency: CORS security, configuration, and testing; TDD; user experience design; application and web security, including testing for SQL injection and XSS attacks
  • Other skills: Zend Certified PHP Engineer
Professional Experience

Lexmark Enterprise Software — Shawnee, KS2014–present

Software Engineer — 2014–present

  • Develop a server-based application which facilitates user-configurable communication between otherwise disparate systems
  • Served as lead developer for UI overhaul of our team's primary product, replacing separate patchwork front-end applications with single, more usable interface built with Backbone.js, Handlebars, and LESS
  • Serve as informal point of contact and subject-matter expert for other internal teams working with our products
  • Volunteered and contributed code to other teams' projects, including developing new components for custom front-end framework used company-wide
  • Share in team responsibility for giving product and feature demos to a variety of internal audiences

University of Kansas (KU) — Lawrence, KS2010–2014
Enterprise Web Development

Senior Programmer — 2012–2014
Programmer — 2010–2012

  • Served as the lead front-end developer for projects related to the KU template and visual identity
  • Developed web-based applications using object-oriented PHP
  • Worked on projects spanning all stages of software development, from conceptualization to long term support
  • Collaborated with other developers on the enterprise team to train users from departments across KU on the various functions available in the Drupal CMS
  • Developed comprehensive coding guidelines covering (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP for use by developers across campus
  • Presented at campus-wide web developer meetings.
    Talks included:
    • February 2013 — HTML5 & CSS3: Advancing the web at KU
    • July 2011 — KU Coding Standards
    • January 2011 — Migrating from PHP 5.2 to 5.3: New features, pitfalls, and expectations
    • November 2010 — Unified Modeling Language: A different way to design your applications

University of Kansas (KU) — Lawrence, KS2007–2010
Student Success Technology Services

Web Programmer

  • Developed web-based applications using object-oriented PHP
  • Shared responsibility for developing comprehensive coding guidelines covering (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP for use by developers throughout Student Success
  • Shared responsibility for creating a training guide to create a common foundation for all web programmers within SSTS
  • Co-chaired quarterly Student Success web developer meetings

Eternal Second Designs — Lawrence, KS2005–present

Co-Owner & Developer

  • Develop and maintain client websites using a variety of technologies, including PHP, XML, and ASP
  • Plan, design, and build web-based applications to serve various target demographics
  • Share responsibility for communication with current and potential clients, including working with both technical and non-technical individuals
View a selection of my projects and accomplishments on my portfolio page.

University of Kansas — Lawrence, KS

Major: Computer Science (BS); Music Minor

Graduation Date: May 2014


Available upon request.